The Altervision 3D Blacklight Experience is something totally different, and will make your next event unforgettable!


These base packages are starting points in the planning process. Sizes and configurations will vary according to your alloted space and needs. We work with you to create the perfect installation.


• Outdoor installation (tent structure assembled by A3D)
• Murals on outside (in addition to entrance & exit)
• Wall-to-wall 3D flooring (painted carpet)
• Custom-designed/printed murals
• Sound system w ambient background music
• Live DJ
• Face Painting
• Live VJ - projecting onto 1 (or more) wall(s)
• Customized hosts - professional actors in blacklight-reactive costumes/makeup
• Dancers/acrobats
• Blacklight photobooth or portrait photographer


• These packages assume installations are either on interior spaces or that tent structure is supplied for us
• Installations include 4 operating hours. Costs for additional hours/days apply
• travel/freight costs are additional
• Satellites are hanging 3D art pieces which enhance the experience

What more can we tell you?

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4111 Lincoln Avenue, Culver City 90232